Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery Rules
Aug 16 2021 7:13AM | florist

COVID has changed so many things in our daily lives, including the delivery rules at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery. Under normal circumstances, Irene's Florist is able to deliver flower arrangements for funerals taking place at the cemetery. Since the onset of COVID, the cemetery office is no longer allowing deliveries...

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Proper Care For Your Flowers
Aug 16 2021 7:12AM | florist

Its a question we get asked quite often... how do you best care for your flowers after you receive them? After delivery, make sure you check the water level in the vase. Make sure its filled to the brim! If you've received an arrangement that's arranged in floral foam, you...

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Sympathy Gifts
Aug 16 2021 7:06AM | florist

When purchasing an item to send a sympathy wish, flowers and plants are always great (and traditional) choices. But sympathy gifts have become quite popular in recent years as well. Often, our customers express that they would like to send a gift of lasting value. Our lanterns, wind chimes, memory...

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Andre's Banquets Preferred Florist!
Aug 16 2021 7:05AM | florist

Irene's Floral Design is honored to be the exclusive wedding florist for Andre's Banquets, the largest provider of wedding receptions in the state of Missouri! Andre's has an unprecedented number of locations, both their "in-house" venues (Andre's South, Andre's West, Andre's Sunset Hills and Andre's Fox Run) and the venues...

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Where In St. Louis Does Irene's Florist Deliver?
Aug 16 2021 7:04AM | florist

That's a phone call we receive most everyday here at Irene's. And the answer is, the entire St. Louis metropolitan area! On the home page of our website, you'll find a detailed list of all the zip codes we deliver to. We also deliver to outlying areas as well, including...

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First Annual Oakville Community Holiday Crawl
Aug 16 2021 7:00AM | florist

For the past two years, Irene's Floral Design has hosted an event we called "Holiday Mingle and Jingle." The event was well-attended both years, but last year we invited several other area businesses to take part as well... and it quickly became obvious that our little florist shop wasn't big..

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"Petal It Forward" Day!
Aug 16 2021 6:58AM | florist

I've been getting asked this question a lot today... what's "Petal It Forward"? "Petal It Forward" is a national initiative sponsored by the Society of American Florists to promote the giving of flowers to spread happiness. As noted in our previous blog entry, flowers are scientifically proven to make people...

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Flowers Make People Happy!
Aug 16 2021 6:56AM | florist

As a florist, we often hear all the reasons why some people think fresh flowers are a waste of money. "They die! They don't last very long!" "They're expensive!" Yes, flowers eventually die... like all living things No doubt about that. But, did you know that flowers are scientifically proven..

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Why Are Flowers So Expensive?
Aug 16 2021 6:54AM | florist

Every florist I know gets asked this question every day! If you are wondering why, here's a few points to ponder:Very few of the flowers sold in the US are grown here. They are mostly grown in countries such as Ecuador, Columbia, even Canada, and usually grown in greenhouses to minimize..

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Plan Early For Valentine's Day!
Aug 16 2021 12:00AM | florist

Did you know that Valentine's Day is on a Friday this year? Fridays are a bit awkward, as they are the last day of the work week. So, your sweetheart might not be able to enjoy flowers on his or her desk at work unless you plan ahead! Here's our...

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