What flowers are associated with Christmas and their meanings

Here in this article, we have also discussed about their meanings and symbolisms. Keep reading to know more.

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Christmas celebrations are incomplete without flowers. While there are no fixed rulebooks for getting flowers for the most special festival of the year, these flowers mentioned below surely hold a special place when it comes to Christmas.

Here in this article, we have also discussed about their meanings and symbolisms. Keep reading to know more.


    Poinsettia has been established as the official Christmas flower for a while now. While the fiery red flowers along with succulent green leaves perfectly matches the Christmas-y color palette, there are more reasons for its status as The Christmas Flower.

    There’s a beautiful story associated with poinsettia. It goes like this: once a little poor girl had nothing to offer for Christmas. Disappointed and disheartened, she picked up a bunch of weeds from the side of the road, and offered it at the altar. To everyone’s surprise, the weeds broke into beautiful poinsettia flowers.

    Poinsettia flowers symbolize the spirit of Christmas, generosity, and charity. It also symbolizes purity.


      White and red roses have a special place in Christianity because they are associated with Virgin Mary, and these flowers were offered at the altar in ancient times regularly. White roses are the symbol of purity, innocence, spirituality, and generosity. Red roses symbolize passionate love, romance, and close-knit relationships.

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      Cymbidium Orchid

        Orchids are one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. In the cruel winter months, when most other flowers wither, the orchids, especially the cymbidium orchid thrives. The bright yellow or green colors of the cymbidium orchids perfectly match the Christmas-y festive theme. Plus, they stay fresh for weeks, even months. Getting Christmas flower delivery in St. Louis for cymbidium orchids or any other flowers from us will not only be super convenient for you, but cost-effective as well.


          Mistletoe is perhaps the most popular plant associated with Christmas. There’s a Norse legend associated with Mistletoe that conveys that the white blooms of mistletoe originated from the tears of a mother for her beloved son (in some versions, it’s the lady love’s tears for her man). Then it was declared that under mistletoe, nobody can harbor feelings of vice, hate, or violence, and everyone must keep peace and love in the presence of mistletoe. Since then, kissing under mistletoe has become a norm on Christmas.

          Mistletoe symbolizes unconditional love. It also symbolizes romance, spirituality, and fertility.

          Holly Berry

            Holly berries are another plant closely associated with Christmas. The curvy edge of the leaves of this plant resembles the crown of thorn, and the red berries resemble Jesus’s blood. Wreaths made of holly berries were worn by Celtic chieftains for good luck since ages. Hollies were thought to have magical powers that have protective abilities to drive away the evil.

            Holly berry plant is the symbol of long and happy life.