4 Reasons to Send Your Mom Mother’s Day Flowers

Giving flowers has come down to us from Ancient Greece, interestingly it is not a modern practice rather it was done by Greeks as an offering to Gods and Goddesses.

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Flowers have always been around us growing on the sidewalk, gardens, and open spaces. What makes them so special? Giving flowers has come down to us from Ancient Greece, interestingly it is not a modern practice rather it was done by Greeks as an offering to Gods and Goddesses. Flowers have come to a deep cultural meaning and significance. So why send flowers this Mother’s Day? It is an experience, to receive something so pretty, unique, exclusively made for you. Anybody would feel special.

Express yourself

Flowers have always been a way to say what you can't, to express your deepest feeling with ease. With the hustle in life we tend to forget our loved ones, and to bring everyone back together we must make some efforts. It can be challenging for us to come up with words and say what we would want to, flowers play a huge role here. This mothers day let your heart do the talking through these flowers-

  • Carnations - These flowers symbolize mother’s eternal love, say “I am grateful for you” with pink carnations. With a light red Carnation express, “I admire you.”
  • Roses - Pink roses stand for “You are graceful”. These are a symbol of femininity whereas yellow roses symbolize joy and cheer. A combination of these two would be a great pick.
  • Tulips - “I love you”, this is what Tulips stand for. Tulips come in various colors and have a shorter stem. They look amazing in a glass vase as a centerpiece for any occasion.
  • Lilies - These flowers carry a beautiful meaning, for Mother’s Day you can go for a colorful bunch. Lilies express love, warmth, joy and vigor.
  • Daisy - These spring flowers are vibrant and bright. With Daisies express your happiness and cheer.

Get the sweetest reaction

Receiving flowers always makes people feel special, this gesture of receiving flowers is always appreciated. Especially for moms, they would always be grateful for your small efforts of kindness. You can surprise your mom by sending her a bouquet or decorating her place with a flower arrangement centerpiece. Don’t forget to record her reaction and make it into a loving memory.

Cultivate a Hobby

Apart from flower bouquets you can also go for flowering plants, taking care of a plant makes a great hobby and develops a new knowledge. To begin with you can go for flowering plants like Peace Lily , Orchids and succulents. You can also go for easy to take care of indoor plants like Aloe Vera, Spider plant and Christmas cactus.

Pass on good energy

Flowers don't come alone, they bring good energy, sweet scent and warmth with their color. Giving flowers really uplifts mood, and brings freshness to life. You can go by a theme to really add on this experience. You can choose a color theme for a greater visual impact, colors also have an affect on your energy.

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