How to Make Your Flowers Last Longer: Easy Tips and Tricks

However, with the proper care and treatment, you can extend the beauty and longevity of your flowers far beyond what is typical.

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When you receive a flower arrangement or bouquet, it’s disappointing for the blooms to fade and die quickly before you have a chance to fully enjoy them. However, with the proper care and treatment, you can extend the beauty and longevity of your flowers far beyond what is typical.

Choose high-quality flowers

First and foremost, choose the highest quality Flower Delivery in st louis mo. Only the freshest flowers recently harvested will stay fresh for an extended period. Avoid wilted, bruised, or dying flowers as these will deteriorate rapidly no matter how well you care for them. Look for blooms that have vibrant petals, healthy foliage, and sturdy stems. Larger flowers also tend to last longer than dainty blossoms.

Varieties with exceptional longevity that you can find from your st louis florist include:

Roses - When cared for properly, roses can thrive for 7 to 14 days. Look for roses with lush green leaves. Some varieties can last 3 weeks.

Tulips - Brightly colored tulips can last 7 to 14 days or longer. Darker varieties tend to stay fresh for longer periods.

Lilies - Lilies have a magnificent fragrance and petals that last 2 to 3 weeks with consistent care. Some varieties like Stargazers can bloom for 4 weeks.

Orchids - Provided the ideal environment, orchids can bloom for several months with orchid fertilizer and minimal water.

Sunflowers - The massive size of sunflowers means they stay vibrant for 5 to 8 days, even when cut, due to their large biomass.

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Provide the perfect environment

Place flowers in a spot out of direct sunlight and heat, such as indirect light or shade. Warm temperatures cause flowers to fade and wilt prematurely. Drafts or air conditioning vents can also reduce vase life, so avoid these locations. A cooler area is ideal for keeping flowers fresh.

Keep them perfectly hydrated

After getting the flowers from a florist in Arnold, change the water every 2 to 3 days and refill the vase with fresh, clean, room-temperature water. Use floral preservative or a few drops of bleach in the water to prevent bacterial growth which leads to clogs blocking water absorption.

Trim your blooms for improved hydration

Trim about an inch off of each stem end when changing the water. This allows stems to better absorb water and nutrients, keeping your flowers nourished for longer.

Add nutrition for lengthy vase life

Dissolve sugar in water, or follow directions on floral food and fertilizer. These provide carbohydrates and nutrients to energize flowers and extend peak bloom and beauty.

Common mistakes people make when trying to keep flowers fresh

Some common mistakes may include:

Placing flowers in direct sunlight or heat - Exposure to intense light and warmth causes flowers to fade, wilt and die quickly. Place flowers in a spot away from heat and sunlight.

Not providing enough nutrition - Without nutrients from fertilizer, sugar, or plant food, flowers cannot produce energy to stay vibrant and bloom beautifully for a long. Follow the directions on products for proper dilution or dissolve sugar in water.

Not trimming stem ends before placing them in water - The stems have a harder time absorbing water when the ends are not trimmed. Trim about an inch off each stem end upon placing it in the vase.

Not misting or increasing humidity - Dry, crisp petals and leaves indicate a lack of humidity which many flowers require. Gently misting with a spray bottle or lightly spritzing provides moisture without saturating the blooms.

Not discarding dead or dying flowers/foliage - Leaving debris in the vase produces bacteria, clogs the stem, and prevents the uptake of water and nutrients by healthy flowers. Remove all dead or dying materials promptly.

Not considering the specific needs of certain flowers - Some flowers have more complex requirements, e.g. orchids need orchid fertilizer and minimal water; calla lilies need aspirin in the water to prevent wilting, etc. Do some research on the types of flowers you have for their ideal conditions.

Using contaminated water - Never use vase water that already contained flowers as it contains bacteria buildup. Always use fresh, clean water for re-filling vases. Distilled or filtered water is best if possible.

With care, the proper techniques, and by considering the specific needs of your flowers, you can keep cut blooms vibrant, fresh, and lasting longer than expected. With each new bouquet, you'll gain more experience and find the ideal approaches for beautifully keeping your flowers.

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