Tips for Choosing Foundation Plants

Another great part about landscaping is that it can change your surroundings instantly making them brighter and fresher.

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While creating the house of your dreams you definitely think alot about the interiors, the paint, soft furnishing and everything from start to finish. But what often gets neglected are the exterior and the landscaping. The real view of the house comes from the outside hence landscaping is a crucial part of building your dream place. Another great part about landscaping is that it can change your surroundings instantly making them brighter and more fresh. If you are going in with a renovation around the house make sure to get your garden or backyard checked for soil fertility for a healthy garden.

Here are some foundation plant recommendations you can get from Irene's floral design, St Louis Florist.

Check the light

You would have to observe the amount of light your garden or backyard gets. Because plants are particular about the amount of light exposure they need. Some plants grow well in bright direct light, some need bright but indirect light and others do good in shade. Just observe which part of your garden gets the most amount of light and for how many hours. Similarly check for the areas that don't get sun at all. Now once you have figured that out, the plants that grow well in direct sunlight are Summer Lilac, Azalea, Dogwood and Hydrangeas.


So generally, there are two major kinds of foundation plants: greens and flowering. The green ones are easier to maintain but with a little more attention you can do good with flowering ones as well. Since foundation plants are just shrubs, it can get a little messy and look like just an overgrowth. To avoid that it is always great to know your plants and what goes with what. Before planting a bunch of shrubs together make sure their light and water intake are similar. You can also do sections of seasonal flowering shrubs which would look mesmerizing. A corner for every season!

Creating layers

With outdoor plants you can go with a variety of different textures and types. Arrange a layer or plants that grow close to the ground and right behind it begin planting plants according to their growth and height. This will provide you with a lot of dimensions and a better view of all your lovely plants. With Plants Delivery in St Louis MO you can get any plant at your doorstep so you keep experimenting.


You can definitely hire someone to maintain your garden for you but if you are ready to take it up by yourself then you definitely should start with something basic like indoor plants. You can get indoor plants Delivery and get comfortable and well acquainted with raising a plant before directly diving into gardening.

Beginner friendly

Always begin with some plants which are easy to grow and don't wilt or dry out easily. Some plants we recommend are snake plant, Juniper, Catmint, and Panicle Hydrangea. These are flowering plants that will bring a pop of color to your garden and keep it smelling amazing. With a plant shop near St Louis MO you can easily get your hands on these plants and more.

With flowers and plants delivery St Louis it has become super easy to grow and take care of your plants since you can get them easily now. Just select online and receive it at your doorstep.