Secrets for Flawless Indoor House Plants

In this article, we will unearth how to make vines climb a wall, how to repot a cactus, and many more useful tips to ensure your house plants are flawless.

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You must be tired of hearing the same old tips about maintaining your plants. In this article, we will unearth how to make vines climb a wall, how to repot a cactus, and many more useful tips to ensure your house plants are flawless.

Repotting a Cactus

It is agonizing to repot a cactus because the spines and wrapping a newspaper strip aren’t effective. In this case, bubble wrap can come to your rescue. Instead of lodging in your skin, they get lodged into the plastic. Plus, in this way, the cactus has a protective carapace.

Propagating String of Hearts

The tiny potato-like lumps on the string of hearts are aerial tubers growing at the leaves’ base. It looks like beads on a string, which is why the trailing plant is also known as a rosary vine. To propagate, press a tuber into a separate pot than the parent plant containing moist compost. Then, detach it from the parent plant to see the signs that it has rooted and is growing under its own steam. This process can take weeks or months.

Feeding an Air Plant

Even though air plants don’t need water regularly like conventional plants, they require regular misting. If you see the leaf edges have begun to roll up, it means they are too dry. Shop Green Plants subscription near me using the term flower delivery St Louis!


Potting Succulents in Cat Litter

Succulents and cacti don’t thrive in bog-standard compost. Sharp drainage is needed to ensure no water hangs around the roots and causes roots.

The special ingredient used by the British Cactus and Succulent Society is cat litter instead of gravel or grit. Cat litter is lighter than either grit or gravel that eases moving pots around. Plus, it is porous and can release excess water gradually. In addition, the tiny air pockets created in the soil by cat litter are helpful to succulents and cacti.

The exact compost to grit to litter ratio varies from person to person, but you can start with two parts compost to two parts litter to one part grit. The cat litter you are using shouldn’t have added chemicals, and there should be a “low dust” marking.

Getting a Vine to Climb

You can get an ivy (a self-clinging plant) from a St Louis florist, but it doesn’t thrive indoors. So, to achieve the look of plants climbing up the wall, you have to provide some anchor to your plant.


Use clear plastic outdoor light clips to attach your Pothos to the wall. It securely holds the fragile stems in place without any damage. Plus, the look of your walls doesn’t get ruined.

Dividing Pitcher Plants

If you bought a pitcher plant from Irene's Floral Design - St. Louis Florist and want to divide them, do so at the end of winter. Split the rhizome into multiple pieces with its root system and a couple of growth points. Separate them.

With these tips at your hand, you can go shopping for Designer's Choice - Variety of Green Plants at flowers St Louis!