Flower Colors and their Meanings

There are tons and thousands of flower colors in the world but you can easily categorize them, and each of these color categories holds a specific meaning.

  • Flower Colors Meaning

Just as we think about flowers, along with their unique shape another thing that always comes to our mind are colors. Flowers without colors are unthinkable, we seem to remember and relate flowers to colors. It is always important to know flowers and their meanings, before getting one yourself. There are tons and thousands of flower colors in the world but you can easily categorize them, and each of these color categories holds a specific meaning. Since flowers are essentially used for conveying emotions and feelings, colors are extremely important. You can go with colors that best suit your emotions.

Here is a quick list of flowers and what their colors mean-


To begin with one of the most famous colors in flowers, red flowers begin with love and passion and spread to various other positive emotions like desire, courage, beauty, and respect. They are commonly given on Valentine's Day, anniversaries, and other romantic occasions.


A serene flower color, that is great not only to express feelings of love but also to express admiration. Making pink flowers an option for everyone around you be it your friends or colleagues. Pink flowers stand for gentleness, happiness, sweetness, and admiration. With St. Louis flower shop delivery, you can get pink flowers like Peonies, Roses, Carnations, and Tulips.


You must be wondering what yellow flowers mean. Well, there is no doubt that they radiate positivity and are a symbol of joy but there is more to yellow flowers meaning. A bright and cheerful flower that symbolizes not only joy but also friendship and new beginnings. Order flowers online in St Louis in yellow, you can go with Sunflowers, Daffodils, Roses, or Gerbera Daisies.


Coming to white flowers meaning, these flowers usually symbolize sympathy and are used as condolences. But that's not all, white flowers also symbolize purity, innocence, and new beginnings. At Irene's flower shop, you can get white flowers like Lilies, Roses, Orchids, and Carnations. These are also used at weddings and formal events as a symbol of peace and respect. Apart from white carnation color meanings also stand for devotion, love, and fascination.


These vibrant orange flowers meaning stand for enthusiasm, Fascination, Energy, and passion. Orange flowers have a striking appeal making them perfect for occasions of celebration. With Flower Delivery Clayton MO, you can go with flowers like Marigolds, Lilies, Gerbera Daisies, and Roses. Orange flowers are a great pick for bohemian themes and also Halloween.


A trending color, purple, and its various shades are known for their uniqueness. Coming to Purple flower symbolizes Royalty, Success, and Aspiration. These are lovely for any occasion but it's perfect for appreciating someone and congratulating their achievements.


If you would like something rare then you should go with blue colored flowers. Blue flowers meaning symbolize Tranquility, Trust, and Serenity. You can find blue color in Hydrangeas, Delphiniums, Irises, and Cornflowers.

These flower color meanings would help you understand flowers better. Whether you are expressing love, admiration, gratitude, or sympathy, selecting the right color can enhance the message you wish to communicate. By being mindful of the symbolism associated with different flower colors, you can create meaningful and impactful floral arrangements that speak volumes.