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Why You Should Purchase Funeral Flowers Direct from Your Local Florist

October 11, 2018

No matter what the circumstances are surrounding a loved one’s passing, planning their funeral or a memorial service is a sad occasion. It’s a hard time to make decisions, especially when the funeral director hands you a book of stock images of funeral flower arrangements and asks you to select from the designs shown there.

Why should you go directly to your local florist? Here’s three good reasons why:

1. You will pay more ordering flowers through the funeral home. Often, they purchase the flowers from a florist and then mark up the price so that they make a profit from the sale, sometimes up to 30% over their cost. You will get more for your money going directly to your local florist.

2. The same rule applies for ordering flowers via a funeral home’s website. For example, if you place an order via “The Sympathy Store” or another order gathering website, 30% of the purchase price goes towards the order gatherer’s fees, and 70% is dispatched to the local florist. You will get 100% of the value if you go directly to the florist. Is the funeral out of town? Then, search online for a reputable florist in the same community and call them directly.

3. When selecting from the funeral home’s book of designs, you will have to choose from the designs they feature. If you want to have more of a “personal” experience, where you can choose the colors, type of flowers, the budget, going directly to your local florist will allow that personalization. Even placing some items that were special to you or your family within the arrangement is a possibility when you’re dealing directly with the florist.

Certainly, convenience is a factor when you order via the funeral home. But, if you do have the time to visit or call your local florist, you will definitely have a more personalized experience. You’ll get more for your money… and, your local florist will appreciate the business!

Honoring our Nation’s Veterans at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery

September 17, 2018

Irene’s Floral Design is the closest full-service florist to Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, located just 1.7 miles south on Telegraph Road, on the opposite side of Highway 255.

Nearly 200,000 graves are interred at this national cemetery, which is one of the oldest and largest cemeteries in the National Cemetery System. It is an overwhelming feeling to walk amongst the rows and rows of headstones, and think of the many men and women who served our country.

We offer a unique service to families of those buried at Jefferson Barracks; where we place either fresh or artificial grave decorations on the graves of their loved ones and provide them with a photo so that they can see the decorated grave. Some families do this monthly, and some establish a schedule of birthdays and anniversaries with us. During the holiday season, we offer a variety of fresh greenery wreaths, grave blankets, and silk arrangements for placement on graves.

This service is especially useful for relatives and loved ones who live out of town, and they can still see the results when we send them the photo of the flowers we placed on their behalf.

The complete list of cemetery rules and regulations for flowers can be found here:

Whatever your wish is for the gravesite of your loved one, we can make it a reality. It's an honor to serve the families of our nation’s veterans.

Five Tips on How to Make Fresh Cut Flowers Last a Long Time

August 29, 2018

One of the most common remarks I’ve heard as a floral shop owner is that “flowers don’t last long enough… they aren’t worth the money!”

Truth is, when fresh cut flowers are cared for properly, they can last for several weeks! I recently had a customer come in our shop and exclaim to me that the vase of flowers he purchased for his wife over two weeks ago still looked great for being over two weeks old. Then he mentioned that he had been following the directions I gave him when he purchased the flowers. That’s definitely the reason they have lasted, and who doesn’t want their investment in fresh flowers to last a long time?

Here’s a few quick steps to make your flowers last:

  • Change the water in the vase daily. Have you ever noticed that when a vase of flowers has sat for several days, the water begins to look cloudy? That is bacteria that is growing in your vase! Emptying the vase and filling it with fresh water will prolong the life of your floral investment!
  • Trim the stems at least every other day. When you change the water, take a moment and snip off the ends of the stems so they have a fresh cut. That opens the pores in the stems and allows the flowers to absorb more water… and like all living things, we all need water!
  • Keep the flowers in a cool area and out of direct sunlight.
  • Yes, refrigerating your flowers will keep them fresher. However… if the refrigerator in question has opened food in it, its not a good idea to put your flowers in there. Food, especially fruits and vegetables, emit gasses that are harmful to flowers and can kill them in a matter of minutes. Also, the temperature in the refrigerator needs to be set at between 36-39 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Purchase your flowers from a Floral Shop, not a grocery store. Why? Floral shops carry a higher grade of flowers (that’s why they cost more!) When flowers are shipped to your neighborhood florist, they are processed by experienced floral designers who are trained in how to make each species last the longest.

More general information regarding fresh flower care can be found here.

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